At Coastal Search Associates, LLC our goal is to complete executive searches efficiently, swiftly, and above all, successfully. Our understanding of corporate priorities – and ability to work in close collaboration with our clients – enables our firm to achieve these goals.

From a client’s perspective, here’s how our search process achieves these quality results:

Defining the business challenge: we understand that executive search assignments are all about solving business problems. With a two-way sharing of information, we begin the process by identifying the unique priorities, challenges, and opportunities that characterize your company’s search assignment.

Establishing checkpoints and benchmarks: Our professionals and clients then agree upon mutually beneficial measures of progress designed to ensure success throughout the search assignment. These measures are designed from our extensive industry experience and previous executive searches.

Creating accountability: With checkpoints and benchmarks in place, Coastal Search Group assumes accountability to its clients for specific, measurable actions. The goal is simple: To evaluate the progress of a search, in order to maximize its potential for success.

Facilitating flexibility: We understand that search strategies must sometimes be adjusted, depending upon marketplace conditions and other factors. Our benchmark-driven process enables Coastal Search Associates and our clients to initiate changes and solutions before problems occur, to keep searches on course.


  • Introductory ConsultationsIn a detailed discussion, the client describes the requirements of the position, the company’s goals and characteristics, the industrial and competitive environment, and all other pertinent issues.  We, in turn, contribute our knowledge and advice, and help the client refine their objectives.
  • The Position Specification We then prepare and submit a detailed Position Specification in which the client may or may not be identified, depending on the situation.  This specification forms the basis for initial discussions with candidates and contacts in the relevant area.
  • Strategy and ResearchAs the Position Specification is being developed, we are working to develop a search strategy that is most likely to identify the ideal candidate.  To do this, we analyze market conditions, review the competition’s staffing strategies; drawing on our international network, wide range of contacts, experience on previous, perhaps similar, projects, and our own database and research resources.


  • Identification of Prospective CandidatesThe most critical stage of any search is identifying solid prospects.  Through our extensive range of contacts in the targeted industries, we identify possible candidates within a very short period of time.  The client is sent detailed information on all suitable candidates.  These reports contain complete information on a candidate’s background, qualifications, present position and responsibilities as well as our views on his or her potential “fit.”
  • Prospective Candidate InterviewsAs the search continues, we hold meetings with potential candidates to assess their qualifications and motivation.
  • Reference CheckingWe conduct preliminary confidential references on all candidates.  We contact people who are acquainted with the candidate to get in-depth comments on the candidate’s management ability, technical competency, integrity and personal skills and characteristics that are relevant.
  • Client/Candidate MeetingsWe then arrange meetings between the client and the lead candidates, ensuring that the client is fully briefed about each candidate in advance and that each candidate is fully aware of the demands of the position.  This is a critical stage for both parties, and it is essential that each is thoroughly prepared if the meetings are to produce useful results.
  • Candidate EvaluationsImmediately following the client interviews, we update the client and candidates on their respective reactions and expectations.  We help the client, where appropriate, to rate candidates against each element of the specification and to use these ratings to assist the client in forming his or her own conclusions


  • Negotiation of OfferOur knowledge of the market and our status as an intermediary are invaluable to the client in the sensitive negotiating phase leading to final acceptance of the offer, because the interests of both the client and candidate are taken into account.  This benefits both parties and leads to a successful negotiation.  During this aspect of the process, we assist in contract and compensation negotiations, cover prospects for career progression, and obtain any additional formal references required.
  • The Follow-UpOur involvement does not end when the offer is accepted.  We often act as a liaison between the two parties to anticipate and resolve any outstanding issues, and to make the transition as smooth as possible.  After completing the assignment, we establish an ongoing relationship with the client and candidate through periodic phone calls or visits.